Why Moderation Pro

ModerationPro can provide turnkey moderation services tailored to your precise user content policy with a higher level of quality and timeliness at fraction of the cost of your internal moderators.

Highest Quality

No matter how detailed and nuanced your content policy, our trained moderators working under our rigorous quality process will match or exceed the quality of your in-house team.
Some ways we achieve high quality:
  • Training.   We train our moderators on the gray areas, where it's not immediately obvious whether the content should be rejected or not. We prepare the training material from your historical data and judgments and continuously update it with new cases.
  • Iterative learning against your policy.   During the learning phase we provide you with a dashboard view of borderline cases and how our moderators judged them. You can adjust them to pass or fail and our system will learn from your judgement.
  • Continuous monitoring.   we periodically insert test data into the evaluation streams to make sure that performance stays at a consistently high level.
  • Continuous training and quality assessment of our moderators.   Our moderators go through a rigorous training against your policy guidelines. We continually assess the the quality of their work and incentivize for highest quality.
  • Redundant evaluation   each post is reviewed by multiple moderators. We assign a confidence level to the content evaluation based upon each moderator's confidence level in making their judgment and the consistency between the responses of multiple evaluators
  • Moderator incentives and qualification   Moderators are financially incentivized to maximize their accuracy. Higher qualified moderators can earn extra pay by evaluating less obvious content.

Customized Service

Every community has a different "culture" and what may be appropriate for one community may not be appropriate for others. At ModerationPro we carefully understand and train our skilled moderators against your specific content policy. Our moderators understand the culture you are trying to preserve and the level of rigor you wish to impose in moderation. Whether you just want to prevent trolls from flaming users or you wish to rigorously ensure all forum posts are on topic we can perform moderation customized to your desires.

Any Type of Content

From forums and message boards, to images and videos, to user reviews and blog comments ModerationPro can moderate any type of user content in any social medium. Click here for a description of some of the social media we moderate.

Flexible Low Impact Integration

We understand how overloaded your IT department is. We are extremely flexible in the ways we can integrate with your systems. We handle integration to accommodate your specific needs while minimizing the work on your end. Whether we provide a batch mode interface or real-time connection with your systems we strive to reduce the impact to your IT department to nearly zero.

Detailed Dashboard and Reporting

We provide you with a detailed easy to navigate dashboard. Our complete reports allow you to effortlessly dive into moderated content and view the results of moderation. Reports of borderline cases allow you to override judgements and your input is fed back into the system and used for training to improve future performance.

Lowest Cost

Our rigorous process allows us to provide the same level or higher quality as your internal team at a fraction of the cost. On a price performance basis we will beat any other moderation outsourcing company. We believe that you will be astounded at how economically we can provide you with high quality moderation.

How do we achieve the industry's highest quality at the lowest cost?

The dilemma in moderation is that the decision on most content is obvious, but some expertise is required for evaluating the border cases. Using traditional methods, companies either apply a low-cost but less savvy workforce, thereby compromising confidence in making the correct decision in the gray areas, or apply a more expensive, more savvy workforce, thereby wasting expense on the obvious cases.

Our staged processing pipeline breaks this forced dichotomy by dynamically adding expertise based upon the confidence metrics of each evaluation.

Want to find out how inexpensive high quality moderation can be?

Please click here for a cost quote based on your specific needs.